TheBestSpirits is much more than an online shop.

TheBestSpirits offers the “Personal Shopper” service, a team of recognized professionals who specialize in different categories of spirits, whiskeys, rums, mezcals, sakes, wines, sparkling wines and tobacco, as well as gourmet products such as chocolates, Iberian products, cheeses, caviar, etc, which suggests tailor-made proposals, according to aspirations, tastes and budgets, often references that we would hardly find in stores.
In the words of José Manuel Antelo, CEO of TheBestSpirits “we seek to offer the best experiences from the best professionals, with the best products, to know which product is the ideal for a great experience”.

Among the most outstanding selections TheBestSpirits has exclusive products that are not generally marketed, personalized distillate barrels and special editions. You can also offer exclusive events in which you can count on the presence of the people in charge or artisans to carry out a personalized tasting in a unique, private and safe environment.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021 - 11:49