Niños de Brasil objetivo del proyecto de Dachser y Terre des Hommes.

The multinational logistics company has joined forces with the children's aid organization Terre des Hommes to also support projects in Brazil. There, the focus is on a project called Children's Rights Create the Future, which has been successfully carried out since 2015 in Limeira, a troubled city in the state of São Paulo, near the metropolitan region of Campinas, where millions of people live.

Since 2015, together with terre des hommes and local authorities, Dachser has been supporting educational and recreational activities aimed at offering young people a different path in life. “For Dachser, global growth also means taking responsibility on a global scale and fighting to improve the living conditions of those who do not benefit from globalization to the same extent. That is why DACHSER, together with the aid organization terre des hommes, is active on behalf of children and young people, "says Bernhard Simon, CEO of Dachser.

The CEDECA Center for Children's Rights in Limeira supports children and young people in their fight against criminal activity and drug addiction. Direct educational work with young people from neighborhoods with serious social problems aims to strengthen their resilience in an attempt to actively safeguard them against violence and crime.

An important part of this project is creating awareness and sensitization among children, youth, their families and local government representatives about children's rights. For all project participants, this is a key tool in violence prevention: children and young people must become visible allies of a culture of peace.
A look at Brazilian youth in the coronavirus pandemic

Brazil is also severely affected by the coronavirus crisis. As the number of cases increases, quarantine measures conflict with public denials of the crisis, exacerbating the political, social and economic situation. Once the virus spreads to the favelas, the slums of Brazil's major cities, the consequences will be impossible to predict.

In such difficult times, how is the work of an aid organization like “terre des hommes”? After all, this job is generally characterized by closeness to people, something that is not possible at the moment. In Brazil, workers of the “terre des hommes” project continue to hold conversations, offer information and involve young people. Information on how or where to collect food donations is shared through social media and WhatsApp. Important health measures are also explained and help is offered to people in all kinds of situations.

Although the pandemic threatens to weaken the characteristics of the project, informal social structures and a sense of solidarity deepen the bond between young people and their families. Participants are trying to see the current situation as an opportunity to further strengthen the sense of community and solidarity, as that is the only way to get out of the crisis together.

Friday, September 18, 2020 - 09:09