Eurohubs de Dachser.

Dachser's European transport network has three Eurohubs - crucial hubs for the operational consolidation of the entire network, allowing customers to benefit from greater flexibility and responsiveness, even in times of crisis.

In complex logistics networks, the better connected the transport centers are, the more robust the networks will be and the greater the flexibility to respond to customers from all sectors, even if they are going through a period of crisis. In this context, some centers also assume crucial functions for the operational consolidation of the entire network. At Dachser, these centers are known as Eurohubs; The multinational logistics company currently has three of them - located in Überherrn (Germany), Bratislava (Slovakia) and Clermont-Ferrand (France) -, which are in charge of coordinating cargo in Europe when there is no direct service.

In addition to this coordination function, these Eurohubs also bring additional benefits to Dachser customers: they enable cost reduction by eliminating the need for intermediate storage and, at the same time, make it possible to supply multiple countries with transit times fixed. “Eurohubs do not have their own customer base and their sole purpose is to connect all European delegations through a highly synchronized transport schedule,” explains Jens Lengefeld, Head of Partner Hub & Traffic Organization at Dachser.

In addition, this structure allows you to quickly reach any European destination. Depending on the distance, deliveries are made in 24, 48 or up to 72 hours. "With centralized management, the Eurohubs function as the backbone of the European logistics network", concludes the manager.
Eurohubs strengthen the reach of the European Dachser network

The first Dachser Eurohub was created in 2002. Located on the Franco-German border, the center of Überherrn quickly became an essential point for both countries and their respective European markets. In 2011, the Bratislava center was opened, allowing the logistics multinational to expand business opportunities in Eastern Europe. In the same year, operations began in Clermont-Ferrand, successfully completing the Dachser strategy by establishing three Eurohubs for comprehensive European coverage and guaranteed transit times.

The strength of Dachser's European transport network is due to the approximately 2,450 national lines and 1,400 direct Euro-national connections that exist between delegations. The Eurohubs, and the connection between all the European regions that these centers allow, further strengthen the scope and capacity of the network. “Dachser supports delegations that have few direct routes by providing a carefully scheduled transportation plan to the minute. This makes all export destinations available to our customers, ”continues Jens Lengefeld. The expansion of the Clermont-Ferrand portfolio, to include, for example, import and export transport, has elevated this French hub to a hub for all of Europe, but also for European customers with destination markets in France.

Monday, February 1, 2021 - 13:14