Dachser, Finlandia.

Dachser has recently started operations at a new logistics terminal in the city of Kerava, in the metropolitan area of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The new facility, which represents an expansion of the land distribution network in the Finnish market, is the first Dachser cross-docking center in the region.

Dachser started operations in September at a new logistics terminal located in the Helsinki metropolitan area, the Finnish capital, representing an expansion of the operator's distribution network in the Finnish market. The new facility - with a 4,000 m2 terminal and 600 m2 of additional office space - is Dachser's first cross-docking center in this region. Dachser Finland will use the new terminal to process all imports and exports and manage distribution throughout the capital Helsinki region. Kerava is home to the main headquarters of a large part of Finnish companies, and there is undoubtedly the largest business center in the country. The new facilities are close to the E75 motorway, the port of Vuosaari and the airport, so good transport connections were one of the reasons that led Dachser to choose this location for the establishment of the fifth of its delegations in Finland. .

"From our new and extensive facilities in Kerava we can ensure local distribution (short-distance) to the entire region and offer the already usual high quality standards to our Finnish customers. At the same time, the delegation is perfectly located to connect the country with Dachser's European inland transport network, "explained Tuomas Leimio, Managing Director of European Logistics at Dachser Finland Oy.

Effects of the pandemic on supply chains

As in other countries, in Finland the coronavirus pandemic has reinforced general interest in the logistics sector. "The crisis has given us the opportunity to demonstrate the reliability of our services and show that we are helping to maintain the security of supply in Finland," continues Leimio. "Thanks to close collaboration with our colleagues in other countries around the world, we knew from the beginning the effects that the crisis could have on supply chains. We were also able to adapt quickly to new challenges and maintain the stability of our operations at all times ”.

Dachser Finland Oy was established in 2014 as a joint venture between Dachser and ACE Logistics Group. Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, ACE Logistics Group has a 50% stake in this company and has long been a partner in the Dachser network for road logistics in this Baltic region.
In addition to this new center, Dachser Air & Sea Logistics has four other locations located in Finland. But the logistics operator's interest in the Scandinavian market is not only focused on the Finnish country: last year it opened a delegation in Sweden of the Air & Sea Logistics division. With this new headquarters in Kerava, Dachser continues to strengthen its presence in the Nordic countries.

The solidity of the Nordic economies and the wealth of human resources in these countries make the area a key point for the development of exports from Iberia and the rest of Europe.

Connections between Iberia and Nordic countries

The Scandinavian market is growing in interest for business in Iberia (Spain and Portugal) following in the footsteps of Dachser's presence in Eastern countries, where the operator also already has a consolidated presence. The services from Spain and Portugal to northern Europe are carried out regularly through different platforms located in Germany, from where the merchandise is distributed to different points in the Nordic countries.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020 - 16:38