New Dachser transport center, Neumuenster, October 2010.

The logistics operator Dachser now has a new transport and distribution center for industrial and food goods in the northernmost federal state of Germany, Schleswig-Holstein. With an investment of 17.4 million euros, these facilities are one of the most modern and automated in the operator's European network.

Dachser has opened a new branch in the town of Neumünster, in the northernmost federal state of German territory. Operations at the logistics center's transit terminal began on August 31 and have been progressively expanding. At the beginning of October, they also began to manage refrigerated food products. Dachser has invested some 17.4 million euros in these new facilities, which serve important areas of the German region of Schleswig-Holstein.
Built in less than a year, this terminal has 5,000 m2 for the management of industrial goods and 2,000 m2 for the logistics of refrigerated food. With 76 loading and unloading docks, the facilities offer an additional 60 parking spaces for trucks, on a plot of 57,000 m2 of total area. Adjacent to the logistics center is the 1,300 m2 office building. Currently, this new center employs a total of 40 people.

"Our new facilities in Neumünster are among the most advanced in our network," explained Alexander Tonn, Managing Director of Dachser European Logistics in Germany. "They are ideally located for connecting central and north Schleswig-Holstein with our pan-European transport network," he said, adding that "our customers in the region benefit from fast transit times and the usual high quality merchandise management. "Thanks to its convenient location and connection to the main motorways in the region, the new Neumünster office ensures 24-hour pick-ups and deliveries within Germany.

Modern and automated facilities

Digitization has been a priority for Dachser from the very beginning of the commissioning of this new logistics center. Truck access is fully automated and works through an automatic license plate recognition system. Control of the patios and ramps is digital, using tablets and other portable devices used to support operations in the transit terminal. And there are digital information panels and touch screens to provide information to carriers. "Digital technologies are an integral part of the operations of this logistics center to ensure that logistics processes run as smoothly and efficiently as possible," explains Jan-Ferdinand Lühmann, Director of Operations for Dachser in Neumünster. "This modern and innovative work environment benefits our customers, employees and distribution partners alike."

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