ASL DAchser 2048, vuelo charter.

Dachser Portugal Air & Sea Logistics, in coordination with Dachser Hong Kong, has organized the first full charter flight in the company's history, between Hong Kong and the city of Porto, in Portugal.

Dachser continues to fly high, even in times of pandemic. To respond to current needs, the logistics operator organized, for the first time, a charter flight from Hong Kong to Porto, in Portugal. This special air transport response was organized by the Dachser Portugal Air & Sea Logistics (ASL) team, which coordinated the entire operation with Dachser Hong Kong. In order to reduce distances and increase opportunities, Dachser thus strengthens its position as a logistics company offering a perfect combination of standard and personalized services within its network, even on extraordinary occasions like this one.

The first step was to find the most suitable aircraft to perform this service. An important decision made by the special teams that work to select the most suitable type of transport based on the load to be transported. In this case, a cargo plane with a carrying capacity of up to 100 tons was selected. In Hong Kong, Dachser received the goods from different suppliers and prepared them for transport. In less than 10 days, the plane was ready. It was an operation that required a lot of work capacity on the part of the team, since it was carried out in the middle of the Chinese New Year, a period in which operational resources are very limited.Once ready, the plane went to the airport from Porto. There, in the Portuguese country, the local Dachser ASL team was in charge of the entire process, from the receipt of the merchandise to the management of customs procedures, ending with delivery to the end customer through the European land transport network. , Dachser European Logistics.

Dachser's charter service offers air capacity, even during the pandemic

To compensate for the decrease in air cargo capacity - which has occurred due to the current pandemic situation and the consequent suspension of passenger flights - seen globally, Dachser chartered more than 100 charter aircraft in 2020 alone, demonstrating the importance of this service in the current situation of the global market. However, it is the first time that this service connects the cities of Hong Kong and Porto.

In China, the Dachser team has the capacity to receive cargo, both in mainland China and Hong Kong, and can also handle ground transportation if required. In addition to picking, palletizing (an essential process since it is very important to prepare the pallets in accordance with international standards) and labeling, Dachser offers other value-added services to its customers, such as repacking the load, whenever necessary. It should be noted that the company also works with dangerous goods, complying with the IATA DGR standard.

At DACHSER Iberia, the Dachser Air & Sea Logistics and Dachser European Logistics business segments have more than 3,000 employees in 72 locations, working closely together to offer an excellent service in all transportation and storage solutions, from the reception of merchandise, management of customs procedures, delivery to the end customer or even the management of special projects. Whenever necessary, the service can be performed door-to-door, which is especially important in the case of the transport of valuable goods.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021 - 11:37