Emission free delivey, Freiburg.

With an increasing focus on environmental sustainability, logistics operator Dachser is launching the DACHSER Emission-Free Delivery concept in the center of the German city of Freiburg.

Fuso eCanters, StreetScooters and cargo bikes: with this combination of 100% electric vehicles, Dachser starts free to make deals emissions in the city center of Freiburg. This new service will enable a reduction in CO2 emissions by 26% per shipment, considering the entire carriage.

Dachser has designated "area delivering zero emissions" to the part of the German city of Freiburg corresponding to the zip code 79098, which partially covers the districts of Altstadt, Neuburg and Oberau. The Dachser customers dedicated to the B2B (those providing service to companies) and B2C (those that do to the end customer) of this area, which covers approximately 1.5 km2, will have the privilege of receiving all shipments groupage to through free media transport emissions. "Two years ago we introduced successfully delivering with electric cargo bikes, so this is the next logical step in our commitment to improve the quality of air and life in the center of Freiburg" explains Michael Gaudlitz, responsible for the Dachser logistics center in Freiburg.

To carry out these free deliveries emissions, Dachser will deploy a FUSO Ecanter 100% electric 7.5 tons: a light truck to deliver the products either directly to customers or through the microhub, which is based near the city center . There, smaller shipments are transferred to electric bicycles or StreetScooters for deliveries. The load point of the electric truck is on the premises of Dachser to the south of Freiburg, which, like all centers of the logistics operator in Germany, gets 100 percent of its electricity from hydropower.

Considering the entire operation, in which the collection and transport are performed with diesel trucks conventional, the service allows to reduce, on average for each shipment, 26 percent of emissions of carbon dioxide, 47 percent of particulate emissions and 41 percent of nitrogen oxide emissions.

Combination of electric vehicles for efficient urban distribution

This innovative concept of Dachser for free deliveries emissions in the city center, built in a modular fashion, takes implemented in the center of Stuttgart since 2018, and recently also launched in Oslo, Norway. "This is a promising start, but do not forget that there is still a long way to go. We have to solve the problems related to the availability of trucks with alternative energy," says Stefan Hohm, Corporate Director of Corporate Solutions, Research & Development, who it is in charge of the innovation project in Dachser City Distribution. At the same time, Hohm is optimistic: "Over the next two years, we will examine selected European metropolitan regions to implement efficiently in urban centers DACHSER our concept Emission-Free Delivery".

Sustainable distribution in Iberia

In Spain, also Dachser continues its commitment to a more sustainable future with emission-free deliveries. In Madrid, for example, Dachser already uses a hybrid version of the Fuso Canter since 2017 and, during the month of July has made, also in this city, tests with the FUSO Ecanter, the only 100% electric vehicle 7.5 tons produced in series. This vehicle emissions 0, with a payload of 2.7 tons and capacity for 10 pallets, designed to ensure a more sustainable distribution in cities, to the last mile. 2021, Dachser aims to implement these models in selected metropolitan areas of the Iberian Peninsula.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 - 11:14