Cargando un vuelo de Dachser.

After creating, in 2020, a charter flight solution to compensate for the drop in air traffic, the company will strengthen its own air network with new flights.Tras crear, en 2020, una solución de vuelos chárter para compensar la caída del tráfico aéreo, la compañía reforzará su propia red aérea con nuevos vuelos.

Dachser has just invested in its air transport network, to cope with the market instability caused by the pandemic and to anticipate possible disruptions in global freight transport. This January, the Air & Sea Logistics division of the global logistics operator began offering round-trip routes between Hong Kong and Frankfurt and between Frankfurt and Chicago. This expansion of the air service allows the company to guarantee its clients all the security and stability of the most important routes between Europe, Asia and the United States. “At the end of last year, the rise of e-commerce overloaded logistics and freight services around the world, compounding the lack of capacity that the sector was already experiencing due to the pandemic,” said Timo Stroh, Head of Global Air at Dachser. "The extensive capacity of Dachser's air transport network offers security to our customers and makes us less vulnerable to the consequences of market volatility," concludes Stroh. Dachser carried out, at the beginning of December 2020, the 100th charter flight, which demonstrates the importance of implementing this service to respond to the adverse conditions caused by the Covid-19 outbreak in the global market. The program's fixed transit times make the service reliable and allow customers to plan their operations in advance. Connected air and land transport Likewise, the combination of its logistics networks by land, sea and air allows Dachser to respond quickly to changing route situations in Europe and to speed up the collection and delivery processes. “With this global network capacity, we can offer our customers a robust and reliable capacity solution,” says Stroh. For the second quarter of this year, Dachser plans an expansion of the air network, preparing, in this way, to face the uncertain market environment that will mark the year 2021 and to continue ensuring regularity and excellent service to its customers.
Thursday, January 28, 2021 - 11:45