A girl from terre des hommes.

As globalization increases, internationally connected non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play an increasingly important role. Dachser's cooperation with the children's aid organization terre des hommes is proof that a company can support an NGO in the long term.

Protection of the environment, human rights, joint development projects, migration, fight against discrimination: the importance that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have acquired for society is very great. The coronavirus crisis has made the work of NGOs even more urgent, as humanitarian aid in developing countries is now more important than ever. This is a challenge for many of these organizations, as their work is constantly being hampered by the travel ban, as well as difficult working conditions and local hygiene measures. In addition, many of the people or entities that habitually make donations are less likely to do so in times of crisis. And this is very damaging for the NGOs that depend on this drive, with membership fees and donations being their main sources of funding. Transparency regarding the flow of liquidity of this type of organization and the management of those funds, with respect to the objectives that it achieves, are now much more important in strengthening donor confidence.

Dachser supports "terre des hommes"

According to estimates, there are currently tens of thousands of NGOs around the world that are providing medical care in crisis areas, caring for refugees or supporting micro-enterprises in the initial phase, among many other actions. One of the main child support organizations that exists today is “terre des hommes”. Founded in Germany in 1967, this organization works to protect children from slavery and exploitation, serves victims of war, fights violence and abuse, and provides education and training for children. The German headquarters of “terre des hommes” currently supports 386 projects around the world. For its part, the international logistics operator Dachser has been supporting the work of "terre des hommes" in South Asia, South Africa and Latin America since 2005. Following the philosophy of "helping people to help themselves to themselves "," terre des hommes "carries out local projects to permanently improve the lives of children and adults in their villages. "As a global logistics company, we carry out operations around the world that bring people, markets and production closer together. However, not everyone benefits from the benefits that globalization brings. It is our responsibility to support and help these people as well. how to improve their living conditions ", explains Bernhard Simon, CEO of Dachser.

With the extension of its contract with “terre des homme” s until 2025, DACHSER will continue to help people in the state of Bihar, North India, as well as other projects in New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, in the same country. In the latter town, Ingrid Mendonca is coordinating an aid project for "terre des hommes" Germany and has been very satisfied with the commitment of the inhabitants, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. "Youth groups not only support their own communities, sew masks and buy food, but they also get in touch with young people from other towns, districts and even states. In this way, they organize themselves," says Ingrid Mendonca. "Her commitment, with the aim of improving the situation, is very inspiring."

The collaboration agreement between Dachser and “terre des hommes” shows that together, a company and an NGO, can achieve wonderful and much-needed achievements. "Our collaboration with Dachser is particularly valuable and important to us because it involves enormous personal commitment and an open and honest dialogue," explained Stephan Stolze, head of fundraising department at terre des hommes. "Dachser employees in general and its CEO Bernhard Simon in particular are deeply involved in the Dachser funded terre des hommes projects. They want to know how people are doing on the ground and how successful Dachser's support is. in helping to improve the living conditions of the local population. ”In 2018, the logistics operator's commitment was recognized with the German CSR Award in the category of“ Social Commitment. ”Its agreement with an NGO makes Dachser a pioneer As only a few companies in Germany support NGOs that are active internationally. “Larger companies, especially international ones, should seriously consider the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations and support projects in these areas as much as they want. possible ”, concludes Stephan Stolze.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 - 18:10