Fundación Flora, cocina.

Fundación Flora para la Alegría Social, has presented the solidarity initiative "Christmas for everyone", to give dinner to more than five hundred people on Christmas Eve

"Christmas for everyone" seeks that the families most in need of Oleiros, Betanzos and other municipalities in the province of La Coruña, can have a Christmas Eve dinner, full of good emotions and those families that have been most affected by the difficulties derived from the health crisis, they can enjoy with their families such a special date.

Marta González Deus, at the head of the Flora for Social Happiness Foundation, has commented: “with this initiative we want all families to be able to enjoy a special Christmas Eve, where the solidarity of companies and neighbors, and the support of the Pastor José Carlos Alonso , has allowed us to bring together more than 500 people, a menu specially created to put a brooch of solidarity on a really hard year ”.

A very special menu

Xoan Crujeiras, one of the most renowned chefs in Galicia, with more than 20 years behind him, has been in charge of preparing a very special menu for this Christmas Eve - made up of fish and seafood cream, hake with green sauce with potato bakery, stewed meat with seasonal vegetables and mashed potatoes.

Thanks to the transfer by the Trison Acustica company of its trucks, all the ingredients for the Christmas Eve dinner, such as the meat donated by the Carnicosa company of the Becerra family, have been taken to the kitchens of the Josmaga Group, which will prepare menus for the residents of the Oleiros area, and for the Buffet and El Caserío restaurants, which will serve dinners in the Betanzos area.

Delivery will take place on December 24 at night. In the municipality of Oleiros, a van will bring the Christmas Eve menus to all those with reduced mobility, and the rest will go to the restaurants to pick up their “Take Away” Christmas dinner. In Betanzos, the menus will be delivered safely to the neighbors, thanks to the collaboration of the Red Cross, and the Department of Social Affairs of the City of Betanzos.

The Christmas Eve menu will end with a variety of nougats, and Ana Villar, from Villar Distribuciones, has selected a Ribera de Duero Tinto, from the Fuentespina winery, to accompany the entire dinner.

A very special Foundation

The Fundación Flora para la Alegría Social, began its activity working with the boys of ASPACE, an association that cares for people with cerebral palsy or damage, and with the dogs of the trainer Octavio Villazala, from Montegatto, when they found that the dog was more Galician famous person favored the day-to-day life of these children, thanks to assisted therapy.

The entity with just over a year of life, has also worked intensively during the pandemic, and has donated protective material to stop the spread of the coronavirus, to more than 7,000 people, among battered women, workers or people at risk of exclusion.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020 - 13:50