TheMBSales, programa experto para la formación de profesionales de ventas.

TheMBSSales is the sum of twelve experts, one in each subject, twelve lessons, almost 100 modules, and different master classes.

  • The Sales Motiv brings together hundreds of people to present the new EDVE training program
  • TheMBSales was born with the aim of offering salespeople the necessary tools to become authentic professionals
  • Agustín Nuño, Josué Gadea, Nathan Manzaneque, Mónica Mendoza, Joaquín Caraballo and Pedro Valladolid among the experts who will give the training

Yesterday the Barceló Granada hotel hosted the Sales Motiv, a live event broadcast via streaming, attended by virtually hundreds of people.

Organized by EDVE, Escuela de Ventas, the end of the event was the presentation of TheMBSales, a program that was created with the aim of offering salespeople the necessary tools to multiply their sales and become authentic professionals.

Santos Garrido, a marketing and sales consultant, was in charge of leading the presentation. “We are here to introduce the new son we have had in Sales School. We have created a product that will be called TheMBSales and that will be the Expert Program in Sales Training. Twelve experts, one in each subject, twelve lessons, almost 100 modules, and different masterclasses that will be added to this training ”, he explained.

And he added: “Our idea is not to do a course that you can do dedicating just over five minutes a day or that you can do on the way to the gym or while you are on the treadmill. This program is going to demand you, because selling is not easy. If you are not looking for a course to learn cool words and look good at your networking meetings, this is your Sales training program ”.

During the presentation, in which Santos Garrido was giving way and talking with the different sales professionals who participated in the #ShowBusiness, the problem that commercial training has become a business was emphasized. “Our business is not to sell, our business is for you to sell. We don't want to train you, we want to sell with you. At EDVE we think that things can be done in two ways: like others or like one day we dream of it ”, emphasized Garrido.

Likewise, he stated that the objective of the presentation was "to make known the most intimate and less known side of great professionals who are true sales experts and who day after day solve and meet 100% of the needs of their clients."

During the event, there were speeches by some of the sales specialists who will be leading the training, who explained the content of the modules that they will teach and shared some of the ingredients of their success. Among them Josué Gadea, Nathan Manzaneque, Mónica Mendoza, Joaquín Caraballo, Pedro Valladolid and, how could it be otherwise, Agustín Nuño, director of EDVE.

Regarding ‘TheMBSales’, the Expert Sales Training Program, Nuño stressed that “we did not want to do the same thing that is being done in other places. EDVE has always manifested itself in the field of training as a benchmark in business training and not only now that business training is fashionable. The professionals who are going to give all the training that we are presenting are professionals who have been training CEOs, managers and executives for at least 16 years who are the ones who are finally on a day-to-day basis accompanying the salesperson in their work ”.

Friday, September 25, 2020 - 13:19