Mesa de la colección Fora, de La Mallorquina, primavera 2021.

Luminosity and freshness are the star attributes in the design of textiles for the home next spring. The new spring joy comes home.

The explosion of light of the new season sets the trend in the designs of the three new collections: Soft, Navy and Floral.

La Mallorquina presents cheerful colors, relaxing nature and cozy atmospheres in each of its pieces for the new season.

With spring, light and joy return to our homes, the illusion of enjoying a bright, fresh and elegant home.


With the FLORAL collection inspired by the most radiant nature, the bedding becomes a spring explosion with prints and colors that convey joy, freshness and delicacy.
The home is transformed into a space full of bright colors, floral prints and striking designs.

Rooms with beautiful cushion covers in shades of orange, plain or with floral embroidery. The tables are filled with small flowers, with shades of blue and pink. Elegant tablecloths that will add style to the dining room and kitchen in a simple and natural way.
For the bathroom, the coral color fills the room with soft, fluffy and highly absorbent 100% cotton towels and bathrobes.


The NAVY style evokes the most intense spring with its blue tones combined with whites forming striped patterns, preparing us for the summer period. Sea-inspired salons and rooms that transport us to a relaxing summer, to relive those moments in which we breathe pure and fresh air.

Cushions with patterns of sailor knots and seashells that give color to the sofas and give them that touch of comfort that invites you to fall into them, inviting reading, simple relaxation or even a most comforting nap.
The essence of summer also comes to the table with beautiful tablecloths and table runners filled with ocean floor motifs such as shells, seaweed and starfish.

In the bathroom, the Navy collection is present with fringed details, again in blue and white.


For those who seek serenity, calm colors and relaxing environments, La Mallorquina has created the SOFT collection, inspired by an organic, natural, very bright and soft style that will make the home a calm, cozy and elegant space.
A collection that focuses on nature, where we can find brushstrokes of boho, ethnic and natural elements. Soft and light fabrics made of cotton for greater comfort and versatility.

Floral-inspired printed cushions in soft tones, nudes combined with gray and beige, with the sole objective of transmitting light, tranquility and peace in the home.

The tables are dressed in stone, beige and pink colors with subtle, natural patterns and a rustic touch.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021 - 14:25