Sofá con cojines y mantas de La Mallorquina.

These months, at home and very warm. Let us enjoy warm evenings and nights at home while fighting the spread of the virus.

The irruption of the storm Filomena has made us savor the sofa and blanket weekends again.

Follow these tips… and you will want to stay home!


To know if a duvet will shelter or not, in addition to the type of material that fills it, we have to look at the grams of it per square meter. Depending on the climate that surrounds us, we will choose one density or another. For low temperatures, you have to choose fillings of more than 250 grams reaching up to 500 grams with temperatures of less than 15 °.


The blankets are the ideal complement for the coldest nights. During the day, we can place it at the foot of the bed as a decoration element combined with the Nordic and style of your room, and when we go to sleep it will give us that warmth that will prevent our feet from getting cold and that we sleep much more at ease .

We can also use the blanket or plaid on the sofa, while we take a nap or watch our favorite series.

We recommend the blankets with mixed cotton and polyester fabrics to achieve that mixture of comfort and warmth.


The cushion is the quintessential decorative element and can transform a room, turning it into a beautiful and / or elegant space. In addition, it shares the practical comfort function that makes a sofa more warm and comfortable.

Due to their infinity of designs and colors, the cushions complement the decoration of the living room or bedroom, adjusting to different tastes.

A sofa or bed with cushions makes that space warmer and more inviting.


The clothing collections to be at home have evolved a lot and now we can find trendy garments that give us comfort and a nice casual style.

La Mallorquina offers several HOMEWEAR collections that include pajamas, robes, nightgowns and kimonos, ideal for being at home warm, comfortable and stylish, escaping the typical tracksuit.

Robes made of 100% polyester to provide maximum warmth, pajamas with 60% cotton that provide comfort and good perspiration; the silk-effect polyester nightgowns are ideal for those who like to feel freer and feel more the touch of the Nordic on their skin.

Monday, January 25, 2021 - 12:23