Typical Christmas sweets.

Craftsmanship and tradition with a modern touch.

An online (and offline) store that offers the largest catalog of artisan nougat and sweets with Designation of Origin Jijona and Alicante made with traditional formulas (some are more than 100 years old). They are pioneers in Internet sales and their business model is focused on the product and the customer. This online store has become the number 1 selling nougat on the Internet, bringing this traditional sweet to countries as far away as Australia, Japan, Lapland, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and 15 other countries on all continents.

From the store, they defend that their main objective is that whoever wants to buy a good quality artisan nougat and freshly made has it quickly at home with the best treatment from you to you, like the shops of a lifetime.

“Nougat all year round. Despite its seasonal nature, that is our main motto ”, in the words of Fabián López. What at the time was an opportunity: to be a pioneer in online sales, today it has become a very competitive world from which Fabián has taken advantage of. Behind its success, there are many generations of nougat makers.

His philosophy is: "We have some nougat with centuries-old family formulas that we must not touch, but we are going to innovate in what we do best: facilitate the purchase of artisan nougat worldwide with the best possible customer service, such as our ancestors did ”.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020 - 11:19