A butcher with a meat sample from Pepe Chuletón.

Quality meat and originality are the two traits that best define the Riojan company Pepe Chuletón. Ships to any place in Europe in 24-48 hours.

Barbecues with family or friends among the most recurring plans with the arrival of good weather.

With the arrival of good weather, one of the activities that lends itself most to doing is barbecues. After hard months of confinement, the de-escalation in which Spain finds itself makes family and friends reunions already possible, although with capacity limitations.

This year, due to the isolation due to the state of alarm to stop the spread of the coronavirus, Spanish citizens say they are more eager than ever before to open the barbecue season on different social platforms. And it is one of the most recurring plans given the ease with which it can be carried out. The only thing that is needed is to buy the meat, something that, thanks to Pepe Chuletón, we can do without even moving from our house.

Pepe Chuletón has a presence online. However, it has a physical butcher shop located in the municipality of Calahorra (La Rioja). For regular customers of this establishment, the already famous butcher has made available a phone number (660 835 773) and an email ([email protected]) so that they can place their orders through whatsapp, email or directly by call. In this way, they will only have to pick them up, an initiative that contributes to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by trying to avoid queues or crowds in the store.

Among the products of this company are a varied assortment of more than 15 types of steak selected: such as the Cider Chop, the Rubia Gallega beef, the Tolosa, Black Angus types and, as a novelty, 4 types of cow “SELECCIÓN PEPECHU ”(Selected, matured and pampered loins, personally by Pepe). In addition, it is the only meat seal in our country that has seven certified beef meats: Wagyu, Ox with extreme maturation, Country ox, Mountain brown, Mountain ox, Galician working ox and authentic ox from Tolosa. Of these seven varieties, the wagyu (Japanese breed) is one of the most interesting among buyers, as it is one of the most select breeds of beef in the world.

Quality meat and originality are the two traits that best define Pepe Chuletón. However, another of the strengths of this business is the ease it offers its customers to receive fresh meat anywhere in the world with the click of their online store pepechuleton.com.

The immediacy is another of the keys to its success and is that the orders arrive within an estimated period of 24-48h. That is why, if the decision to make a barbecue is made at the last minute, that fact will not represent a problem for the realization of it either.

The impeccable attention to his clients and his innovative work method have earned him this entrepreneur to recently win the title of Ambassador for Cedecarne (Spanish Confederation of Meat Retailers), an association that represents butchers and delicatessens in Spain.

Friday, June 19, 2020 - 11:40