Fachada de las bodegas Emilio Moro.

Last October, the Ribera del Duero winery was recognized with the Valladolid Pyme of the Year Award, an award that has led it to the national contest.

Bodegas Emilio Moro is one of the five finalists for the 2020 National SME of the Year Award, convened by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Banco Santander. This announcement has been a "true pride" for the entire team, in the words of its president, José Moro, who was recently awarded "Executive of the Year" by the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce and one of the 100 most innovative people in the Forbes list of Spain. Emilio Moro is the only finalist Winery in this prestigious recognition.

Last October, the Valladolid Chamber of Commerce and Banco Santander presented the Valladolid 2020 Pyme of the Year Award. An award that recognized the work of the Ribera del Duero winery as a generator of wealth and creator of employment in the region and that he knew how to value the actions carried out by the Moro family winery in terms of employee training, with bets such as Intrapreneurship programs; international activity due to its presence in more than 80 countries, evolution of exports and opening of new markets, in addition to considering Emilio Moro's commitment to innovation and social responsibility.

The winning company of the SME of the Year Award will be announced on February 26 at a gala that will be held online, due to the epidemiological situation in which we find ourselves.

The annual SME of the Year Award recognizes the performance of small and medium-sized Spanish companies, whose activity is essential for the creation of employment and wealth at the local level. «For us it is a real pride to be eligible for this National Award because it is also a recognition of teamwork and of our land. We have always been the standard bearer for Ribera del Duero around the world, but we know that enriching it is a mission that we carry in our DNA ”, explains José Moro, President of Bodegas Emilio Moro and Bodegas Cepa 21.

In addition to this family business, they compete for the Onyx Solar Energy award, from Ávila; Facephi Biometria, from Alicante; Homeria Open Solutions, from Cáceres; Vivebiotech, from Guipúzcoa.

This important Annual SME Award of the Year 2020 also awards second prizes for Internationalization, Innovation and Digitization, Training and Employment, and a Responsible Company.

A special mention in the battle against Covid19

In this fourth edition, 1,600 companies from 50 provinces and the autonomous city of Ceuta have registered. 41 Chambers of Commerce and 13 Territorial Offices of Banco Santander have participated in its organization. The main novelty in this 2021 edition of the Pyme Award has been the creation of the Special Mention in the fight against Covid19, for which the candidates have provided information on both internal and external initiatives carried out when the coronavirus pandemic was declared.

Monday, February 22, 2021 - 11:29