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DACHSER Spain has GDP compliance certification

  • Reference to DACHSER quality control system.

DACHSER Spain ASL recently obtained GDP (Good Practice Distribution) certification for its quality management system in its offices in Madrid and Barcelona, which verifies that life sciences and healthcare shipments are managed at Dachser in accordance with the EU regulations.

In the audits carried out in both offices, quality aspects such as handling, storage and transportation procedures were evaluated, taking into account the legal specifications that these products must meet, as they are shipments sensitive to temperature and time. External and internal staff training and risk management processes were also analyzed.

With this certification DACHSER Spain Air & Sea Logistics presents itself as a reliable and safe logistics partner for companies in the life sciences and health sector in Spain. “In this way, we can offer secure supply chains for our clients in this industry,” explains Javier Villahermosa, Managing Director ASL Southern Europe at Dachser.

Since obtaining GDP certification, Dachser has seen a notable increase in its ability to collaborate with customers, especially in the pharmaceutical sector, including laboratories, as well as in the medical and animal health fields. The GDP certification has significantly raised the technical standards that the logistics operator offers to its clients, generating a high level of trust that rigorously adjusts to the demanding regulations related to the production and marketing of these products.
From its offices in Madrid and Barcelona, Dachser manages air and maritime logistics, with professionals specialized in managing the transportation of goods under GDP requirements. The renewal of this certification is carried out every two years through a rigorous audit.

Secure management throughout the supply chain

The Good Distribution Practices (GDP) compliance certification granted to the Dachser offices in Madrid and Barcelona, as well as the Dachser offices in Mumbai and Frankfurt, marks the beginning of a certification process for all strategic delegations involved in the management and transportation of life sciences and healthcare products at Dachser. “We follow a strategy based on quality to maintain the integrity of these sensitive products throughout the entire transport chain, until they reach the patient,” explains Javier Villahermosa.

In addition to GDP compliance certification, Dachser also has IATA CEIV Pharma certification for its offices in Frankfurt, Atlanta (USA), Mumbai and Hyderabad (India) and Shanghai (China).