Pack piedra e Pepe Chuletón.

Pepe Chuletón proposes to give away one of the gourmet packs that, as every year, they have prepared for their clients. The Riojan suggests completing the gift with a volcanic stone.

A few days ago we began to see the streets of our cities brimming with Christmas spirit, with their lights and decorations characteristic of these dates. Christmas is coming and, although we have had a very hard year, we have to get excited again and do everything possible to get our people excited.

And what better than sending them a little detail that makes them fall in love? Given the circumstances, this year we will not be able to be close to all the people we appreciate, or give as many hugs as we would like, but we can make it clear that we have them present in our minds and in our hearts.

For this, Pepe Chuletón, the well-known “butcher of social networks”, proposes to give away one of the gourmet packs that, as every year, they have prepared for their clients.

Under the slogan "This year has been different, but there are things that do not change", Pepe Chuletón has presented four packs, perfect to give to family, friends or employees, as a Christmas basket.

The cheapest of them is the Old Pepechu Pack (125 euros), followed by the Supreme Blonde Selection Pepechu Pack, the Field Ox Pack and the Wagyu Premium Pack, with prices of 159, 195 and 229 euros respectively. In addition to two steaks of each type of meat, they all include a bottle of Riojan wine, a bottle of pure Riojan variety crystal peppers, a kilo of top quality asparagus, a special salt sack and a surprise gift.

The famous butcher also suggests another practical gift to complete the Christmas packs. It is a volcanic stone for roasting meat. "For meat lovers, the stone will be a great gift, since this, once heated in the oven, is placed on the table so that each diner cooks his piece of meat to taste: more or less done", he explains. Pepe, who adds, “It is also perfect to place directly on the fire. Once heated, the heat would be lowered to a minimum and we would be ready to cook the meat ”.

Although his physical butcher shop is in La Rioja, specifically in the municipality of Calahorra, it is not necessary to travel there to purchase the Christmas packs or the stone. Your online butcher shop pepechuletó has the ability to ship throughout Spain and many regions of the world in 48-72 hours, so it is not necessary to move from home to purchase these or any other of his products.

Pepe Sáenz Villar from Rioja has become a business benchmark by opting to implement a sales method mainly online, currently making 80% of his total sales through this modality.

  • The popular butcher ships his products to various regions of the world in 48-72 hours.
  • 80% of your sales are made electronically.
Friday, December 11, 2020 - 09:58