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About gastronomy and culinary art.

Synonyms gastronomy


ROTO, the restaurant and leisure space located in the Marina Ibiza marina that evokes the authentic history of the white island.

Winter gastronomy through the Most Beautiful (and authentic) Villages of Spain

  • Migas with wine from Robledillo de Gata.
The municipalities that are part of the Association The Most Beautiful Towns of Spain are unique places, full of tradition and with authenticity as a flag. In addition to the beauty of its streets and surroundings, the heritage of the towns also includes gastronomy: authentic cuisine with local ingredients that reflects, in each bite, the particular history of the municipality.

International Croquette Day 2021

  • Assorted croquettes.
On the occasion of its International Day, COC will give a ration of croquettes for each Like obtained on Instagram and Facebook to the support entity Alimentario El Entorno, in collaboration with the Red Cross and Cáritas de Mataró.