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Valentine's dinners at home as an alternative to the hospitality time restrictions

  • San Valentin dinner.

Dining sirloins at home is presented as an alternative to Valentine's dinners in restaurants.

  • Pepe Chuletón suggests cooking the fillets on the stone so that each diner can eat them to their liking
  • The Riojan sends his products to various regions of the world in 48-72 hours
  • 80% of your sales are made electronically

Valentine's Day, one of the most significant dates for couples, is just around the corner. But this year it will be time to celebrate it in a different way. Romantic dinners in restaurants are often the preferred choice of lovers. However, the hourly restrictions imposed on the hotel industry, as a consequence of the third wave of the pandemic, frustrate these plans in most parts of the Spanish geography.

This date of love this year falls on a Sunday, so many couples may choose to book for lunch. However, those who prefer to wait for dinner to celebrate, will have to consider the alternative of preparing a gourmet dinner at home.