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Nacho Sandoval, named academic of the Academy of Gastronomy of Castilla y León

  • Nacho Sandoval academic.

The journalist, businessman and gastronomic critic from Zamora Nacho Sandoval has been a member of the Castilian and Leonese Academy of Gastronomy since the 26th.

Last Saturday, the Casino of the Castilian city of Palencia hosted the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting of the Castilian and Leonese Academy of Gastronomy where, in a session reserved for the election of Full Members, the appointment of four new Members was unanimously approved, among which is the businessman and gastronomic communicator Nacho Sandoval.

The new academic has influenced the "immense responsibility that I will bear with the greatest respect, rigor and enthusiasm, to disseminate the gastronomy of Castilla y León, as a Zamorano that I am also".

The academy grants this recognition for its great relevance, to disseminate and value the gastronomic culture of Castilla y León, in the words of the president of the academy, Julio Valles Rojo.

The objectives of the Academy are focused on researching, defending and promoting the gastronomic activities typical of Castilla y León; disseminate the excellence of Castilian and Leonese gastronomy, and promote its esteem and expansion, and take care of the purity of the gastronomic traditions of the region and make known, in Spain and in the world, the most relevant characteristics and aspects of its gastronomy .

Entrepreneur, organizer of gastronomic events and collaborator in numerous specialized media, Nacho Sandoval is the founder of the events and communication company Nacho Sandoval Estrategias and Marketing, he is the creator of the International Fabada Route, the Ruta Sentero, or Pulpopasión, which promotes quality products from its two lands, Asturias and Zamora. He is considered one of the most influential personalities in the world of gastronomy and hospitality in Spain, and has been a judge on two occasions in the Valladolid Provincial Pinchos Contest.

He has organized the contest El Mejor Cod de Zamora and the contest the best oxtail in Zamora. He has presented the Fromago event in Madrid and has been in charge of the execution of La Plaza del Lechazo, at the Fromago Cheese Experience event in Zamora.