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The twenties decade closer with ROTO

  • Interior of Roto restaurante in Ibiza.

ROTO (Ibiza) is approaching the 20's with the promise of allowing us to dream, enjoy and live the present with intensity.

Experts say that after a crisis of capital proportions - and that of COVID-19 is being the largest that has been experienced in several generations - citizens tend to start a period of happiness, economic growth and the desire to enjoy: something " very millennial ”which is called“ living the present with intensity ”.

The closest memory that newspaper archives illustrate is the great boom of the Interwar period of the 1920s, known as the Happy Twenties, the Golden Twenties or the Crazy Years, followed a few decades later, in the late 1950s, by the called "dolce vita". And yes, after the first boom period, another crisis came, the stock market, and perhaps the second one ended up fading with the oil crisis ... but there was always the memory of "let them take the dance away from us."

Spanish society has been fighting for too long against a pandemic that has raged especially in some regions of the country. For this reason, more than ever in this generation and with the memory of those who are missing us, the need to live in the present has been installed as if each day could be the last. The return of those 'Happy 20s' that we already lived in the last century is very present now on the island of Ibiza, the white island: a special place that attracts thousands of people every year for being able to offer, within the limits of a small island, the potion of happiness for all types of travelers: the adventurer, the nature lover, the cosmopolitan, the festive, the gastronomic, and also the one who seeks authenticity, glamor or multiculturalism. Living Ibiza in the first person allows us to discover the magic of the island, not in vain, it has inspired dozens of songs, as well as a timeless setting for books, movies and millions of love stories.

The freedom to travel and to feel nature again in all its depth, after months of confinement, is named after this island. But, within it, there is a space capable of gathering all the fullness of the Ibizan spirit. It is ROTO, a meeting, restaurant and leisure place in the marina of Marina Ibiza; with the best views of the island to the old walled city of Dalt Vila.

In ROTO we breathe again, laugh and hug. ROTO is art, it is glamor, it is a trend, it is authenticity, but it is also calm, relaxation and where you can leave your worries and fears at the door. In other words, ROTO is Ibiza in its purest form.

A space to hug each other, even with our eyes

That the situation we live in does not make us stop hugging, enjoying each other. It is one of the mottos of ROTO, which recovers its artistic and idealistic past and combines it with the most modern of the present. This social space has been the scene of many encounters, witness to countless laughter and the protagonist of some of the most unrepeatable moments in the lives of so many people. Now, it also becomes a scene of recovery, evocative of the happiness of these new 'happy twenties', from which we will resurface when everything is finally over. ROTO decided to reopen its doors on March 15 to allow "enjoying the freedom of Ibiza", once it designed a complete plan of measures guaranteeing full safety to employees and visitors (reduction of capacity, compliance with social distancing, cleaning plans and disinfection to avoid contagion risks, etc.). And they propose, without risk, to hug us again, even without touching, in an atmosphere that is as intoxicating as it is fun.

A new concept of restoration and leisure in Ibiza

ROTO has all the ingredients to make us enjoy each visit, it has the power to know how to stop time, and the Ibizans and residents themselves have turned the leisure and restaurant space into what it is today: beauty, freshness and glamor. , which was soon appreciated by visitors and tourists from all over the world.

This is how Miguel Sancho, founding partner of ROTO, explains: “Every year Ibiza seduces everyone who opens up to it. We approach these rocks, we dream of creating a unique place that will remind us why we love this beautiful island. We wanted a new concept of fusion of restaurant and social club ”.

Another of the founding partners is Andrés García-Prado for whom “ROTO is our house that faces the sea and that we open every day for our friends to enjoy as much as we do. Every detail in the decoration, every ingredient, every dish, the music that plays, the good people, everything represents a new way of enjoying Ibiza and that we can now relive throughout the year ”.+

Cuisine to bring memories back to life, heady views, glamorous lifestyle

The first thing that catches the attention of ROTO is the place where it is located: it is not simply a leisure space, it is a viewpoint open to the oldest city in the Balearic Islands, with more than 2,500 years of history: Dalt Vila. A work on a jetty in the Marina Ibiza marina. From there, you can enjoy a restaurant that promises us a unique experience since it literally flies over the Mediterranean and allows us to feel the full force of the sea underfoot.

The cuisine offered by its restaurant is "of memories" because it does not forget the gastronomic past of the Pitiusan islands, the tradition and the centuries that passed to give rise to the tastiest and most "local" recipes. Not in vain the ingredients that are used are native and quality raw materials, giving rise to a first level gastronomy. Its cuisine, according to its executive chef, Jorge Brazález, is a dynamic mix of Balearic cuisine in which Mediterranean, Andalusian and Arab influences are not lacking. It is based on authenticity and few additives. For this reason, this famous chef is defined as "the chef without rules", giving rise to a restaurant for people who love surprises who seek quality and care.

ROTO is also conversation, glamor, elegance and the hallmark of a unique and unparalleled lifestyle. The latter is largely to blame for two of the founding partners of ROTO, Miguel Sancho and Andrés García-Prado, also known for being two of the founding partners of Beso Beach, for ten years have made a proven tandem for having the capacity and the skill of creating concepts that are later replicated in other establishments. But they do it with the humility of not being aware of the innate creativity that they treasure and summarize their achievements in "it has no mystery: we only do what makes us enjoy ourselves".

For them, the time has come to begin to overcome the months lived, to wake up and live again, to dream and to enjoy. For this reason, they reopen now with all the illusion and under the promise of joy and happiness feeling all the magic of nature that we could not enjoy for a few months. They have taken advantage of this time to design surprising novelties, designed for enjoyment and homage to life. Miguel Sancho, Jorge Brazález and Andrés García-Prado announce news for this next 2021 season, not only in ROTO but with the opening of two new leisure and restaurant spaces, of which they will offer more data just before summer.