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The VII Ruta de la Fabada is here, a worldwide culinary show that pays tribute to Asturian dishes

  • Poster announcing the VII Ruta de la Fabada.

It will be held from March 19 to April 4 and will bring together a selection of the best restaurants that will offer menus with Asturian bean stew or elaborations of stumbling beans.

This event pays tribute to the traditional and increasingly recognized Asturian dish Oviedo Origen del Camino and La Fabada Asturiana, food from the road, will be the focus of this 7th edition.

On March 27, #FabadaDay is celebrated, World Fabada Day, with restaurants, journalists, bloggers and friends of fabada, and their proposals for fabada and fabe dishes.

The Ruta de La Fabada, with six editions already behind it, two of them worldwide, reaches its seventh year of celebration despite the difficulties caused by the effects of all kinds caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

More than 50 restaurants from around the world are expected to participate, even taking into account the difficult situation that the crisis leaves the hotel sector globally.

It is a tribute to Asturian bean stew, as a dish that is part of our culinary history and also of our future. The organizers of the event define it as a culinary art that “is known and recognized Spanish gastronomy and, above all, that unites families and friends for their enjoyment. Cooking a fabada is the perfect excuse to get together to eat ”.

The Fabada Route and the #FabadaDay, World Fabada Day, is a recognition of one of the most emblematic dishes in Spanish gastronomic history, and during the days of its celebration, Asturians, wherever they are, They share their great plate with the rest of the world to celebrate, beyond recipes and ingredients, the international dimension of fabes de Asturias.

As is logical, this year the Route will not be able to perform like other years, from the point of view of participating restaurants and enjoy fabe dishes. At all times the schedules and measurements of each area will be respected. The priority remains the health of the entire society.

That is why this year the dates of celebration, usually in February, have had to be delayed taking into account the closure of the hotel industry practically in all of Spain, waiting for the improvement of data that would allow the general opening of interiors in restaurants , bars and cider houses. Therefore, and with the aim of supporting the catering sector as well, it has been decided that it will be held from March 19 to April 4, celebrating #Fabadaday, World Fabada Day, on March 27 (which used to be the second weekend of February).

This VII edition organized by the events and communication company Nacho Sandoval Strategies and Marketing has the collaboration of the Oviedo City Council, Asturias Hospitality and Tourism Association, OTEA, Pagos del Rey, Compromiso Asturias XXI, Moscovitas de Rialto, Tierra Astur and

All participants will be geolocated on Google Maps, forming a digital gastromap with their data and gastronomic proposals that can be consulted through the website created especially for this event. They will offer different menus whose main dish will be Asturian fabada or fabes with stumbles.

Activities of the Fabada Route

Being this year, the Xacobeo Holy Year, and being Santiago de Compostela a city twinned with Oviedo, the Fabada Route will give visibility to the Camino de Santiago, noting that Oviedo is the Origin of the Camino. The road traveled by its first pilgrim, King Alfonso II the Chaste in the year 813 of the 9th century, to verify the discovery of the remains of the Apostle Santiago. The Fabada Route will follow the primitive way from Oviedo Origin of the Way, to Santiago de Compostela, stopping for lunch and dinner asturian fabada, at some of the restaurants participating in the Route that are found along said route. We will have Pepa Muñoz from El Quenco de Pepa and President of FACYRE, José Luque executive chef of the Westin Palace Hotel, Juan Pozuelo chef of Canal Cocina and the Harry and Sally group, Rebeca Hernández from La Berenjena, Iván Villar from Gastrobar Iván Villar Origenes, the journalist Concha Crespo, or Carla from Bulgaria, among others. An experience that we will tell every day on the social networks of the Ruta de la Fabada.

There will also be activities in various cities around the world such as making solidarity fabadas in Oviedo, Santiago de Compostela, Madrid, Lanzarote or New York. Demonstrations and live masterclasses, via streaming platforms, of the preparation of Asturian fabada and fabe dishes with stumbles, at the hands of great chefs from Asturias, Madrid, New York, Miami, Mexico or Dubai, among others.

As we have already explained, this year the measures established against COVID are in command on the route's calendar of actions, so, for safety reasons, the usual La Mejor Fabada de Madrid contest will not be held.

All the information about the participating restaurants and their elaborations are available on the web and through the official social networks of the Ruta de la fabada; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram