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ROTO reopens with all the guarantees to enjoy the freedom of Ibiza

  • Roto restaurant at dusk.

ROTO, the restaurant and leisure space located in the Marina Ibiza marina that evokes the authentic and special history of the white island.

ROTO, the restaurant and leisure space located in the Marina Ibiza marina, built on a platform that flies over the Mediterranean above a breakwater and with impressive views of the old town of Dalt Vila, reopens today, March 15 from noon, once the Government of the Balearic Islands has authorized the restoration of the largest of the Pitiusas to operate again.

The ROTO restaurant is, on its own merits, one of the most popular leisure spaces in Ibiza thanks to a current concept that is based on an excellent atmosphere of good people -both locals and foreigners- and a culinary offer -rich, homemade and at reasonable prices-, where the care of the health and safety of your guests and employees is a priority.

A drink before lunch

Enjoying a drink at ROTO as an aperitif is excellent culinary entertainment and is the best excuse to meet, get together, laugh, chat and enjoy happiness and freedom again.

That is the essence that ROTO wants to share with all its friends, to be able to enjoy happiness with the people we love the most and start the day with a sophisticated and different alternative, a combination with its mixer, ice and its lemon slice to savor it with tranquility, in one of the best settings in Ibiza.

A visit to Ibiza necessarily passes through ROTO, faithful in its new menu to all its principles, it offers a quality restoration in a careful environment and with a carefree atmosphere, working from the security provided by exquisite raw materials, a unique environment to enjoy while watching and we are observed, the tradition of a kitchen that brings us closer to the most authentic flavors of Mediterranean cuisine and the accompaniment of good music of today and always, as a form of expression.

For Miguel Sancho, founding partner of ROTO, “our concern has been maximum in preparing a safe space for our clients and employees. With the reduction of capacity to 50%, we widened the distance between diners and between tables. The thermal camera for measuring body temperature in the access, the disinfection of tables and chairs after each use, the virtual letters with access via QR code and all in a terrace space that allows the activity to take place outdoors and with maximum security. In addition, all of us who make up the ROTO universe, partners, managers, employees and collaborators, carry out periodic tests and maintain the permanent use of masks and disinfectant gels. Finally, we prioritize single-use recyclable materials, avoiding contact transmissions, and we work hard in the management of reserves to avoid crowds when accessing the establishment ”. With all this, ROTO will reopen this Monday with all the guarantees to enjoy the freedom of Ibiza.


Focused on the quality of the product, its dishes concentrate all the flavor of the Mediterranean, and its already famous fish such as Turbot pil-pil with kimchi garlic, accompanied by mashed roasted potato, are complemented by a wide variety of offers such as chicken. peasant cooked at low temperature with its garnish of potatoes, shallots, garlic and roasted leeks, or the mythical beef burger dressed with parsley, thyme and garlic accompanied by cheddar cheese and pickled gherkin, these are just some of the artisanal preparations that transmit everything to us the flavor of tradition, with recipes that always seek to highlight the original flavor of the unbeatable raw material that is never lacking.


If there is a place, above all else, magical in Spain, that is Ibiza. Surrounded entirely by the most crystalline water in the Mediterranean, it gives off a calm that very few can resist and ROTO is located on the prow of the island, located in the Marina Ibiza marina, on a spectacular platform that starts from one of its piers, flying over the sea to offer unbeatable views to lovers of the sea, those who have to feel the east wind every day, even if they are still on solid ground.

It is Ibizans who sit on their terrace every day to enjoy this beautiful island and those who have turned ROTO into the trend, a space that brings life, freshness and glamor to all visitors, in the shadow of the old walled city. , in one of the most beautiful areas of Ibiza and that also promises to last over time thanks to a solid and timeless kitchen.

Roto intoxicates us every night with its music, a meeting point for great friends who share belonging to any city in the world, with the desire to always live in Ibiza.

Food, music, atmosphere and privileged views come together in ROTO.