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International Croquette Day 2021

  • Assorted croquettes.

On the occasion of its International Day, COC will give a ration of croquettes for each Like obtained on Instagram and Facebook to the support entity Alimentario El Entorno, in collaboration with the Red Cross and Cáritas de Mataró.

The Top COC croquettes this Christmas have been the capon and crayfish, the stew and truffle and the nougat from Jijona.

This Catalan family business has its origins in a small gourmet shop in Vilassar de Mar, where artisan croquettes began to be very popular with customers, to the point that they decided to specialize in this gastronomic niche.

From the hand and limitless creativity of chef Iñaki Escuer and his team, since 2006 COC has produced up to 52 varieties of croquettes flavors by hand, from the most classic taste to the most modern and original, having managed to revolutionize the concept of conventional croquette a gourmet croquette. Every day, they make up to 15,000 croquettes by hand, one by one, for restaurants, gourmet shops, caterers and first-class hotels in Catalonia, Spain and four European countries, Holland, France, Ireland and Germany.

For Imma Pardos, co-founder of this family business, making croquettes is like a game, that's why they call her a gastronomic toy library, “imagination and creativity have no limits, we play with tastes, with batters and with the ways to get to the most refined palates. "

Despite the fact that 2020 has been a complicated year with the pandemic and the constant closures of the hospitality industry, COC has taken the opportunity to open new distribution channels such as supermarkets, closing the year with a sales variation of less than 20% compared to 2019 .

The best-selling croquettes this Christmas have been the bonnet and crayfish, the cooked and truffle croquettes and the nougat from Jijona, although vegan croquettes have also been very successful and others such as foie and strains, the acorn-fed ham, Catalan-style spinach with goat cheese, monkfish and prawns, and death's trumpets and sweet potato. The COC company also produces different gourmet varieties of cannelloni, fritters, potato churros and meat lasagna.
International Croquette Day: donation of 1 portion in exchange for 1 Like FB or IG

On International Croquettes Day, for three years, COC has organized a solidarity donation to social entities: for each Like they receive on Facebook or Instagram, the company will give a ration of croquettes to the support entity Alimentario El Entorno with the collaboration of Red Cross and Cáritas, from Mataró. Last year they distributed 2000 croquettes (50 kg), in 2019 they were 1200 (30 kg) and in 2018 the donation was 1000 croquettes (25 kg).

Solidarity is one of the values ​​of the COC company. This Christmas the company has made a donation of more than 3000 croquettes (equivalent to 80 kg) in the soup kitchens of Fundación Xiprer, Hogar Santa Rosalia de Teià and Fundación Pare Manel in Barcelona.