Llegar a un acuerdo sobre un coche.

Selecting the sales team in the summer is the key for the sales network to be up and running as of September.

  • In the country's economic recovery, sales professionals are a key player.
  • Commercials in the automotive sector are among those most affected by the coronavirus crisis.
  • Sales network hires need to be done now, so you're ready to sell in September

The crisis caused by COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the business fabric of our country. With the exception of the mass consumption and food sectors, the rest of the sectors have seen their activity decrease considerably and have had to face significant economic losses after the start of the pandemic; with sales professionals among the most affected.

This was stated by Agustín Nuño, director of EDVE, Sales School, at the beginning of last April: “One of those unions forgotten in the current context are sales people. It is logical, in circumstances such as the current ones, companies do not sell and, as is normal, the first to enter the ERTES are commercial profiles ”.

Within this group of professionals, those dedicated to the automotive industry are revealed as one of those who have taken the worst part, given the total paralysis of the sector. And it is that according to an ACEA report, the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the automotive sector that includes not only cars, but also vans and all kinds of commercial vehicles, stopped manufacturing 410,000 vehicles in Spain alone in the period between March 9 and April 24. This translates into devastating sales data, estimating that by the end of 2020 some 700,000 vehicles will have been sold, an amount that would not reach half of the units sold in 2019.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020 - 10:46