José Moro en sesión sobre Cepa 21.

José Moro has achieved milestones such as being the first winemaker in history to enter the Forbes Spain list of the 100 leading entrepreneurs in innovation. More recently, he has been named Executive of the Year by the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce and has obtained the European Gold Medal for Work Merit.

José Moro, current president of Bodegas Emilio Moro and Bodegas Cepa 21, has become a clear international benchmark in the wine sector. An industry that, with the temporary closure of the hospitality industry, the decline in trade and other associated factors, has been significantly affected since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, the year 2020, which also had to cancel most of its national events and restrict the entry of tourists, has not been a good year for the wine market. Despite this, José Moro is now carrying out an analysis of past events and of this 2021 in a positive way, ensuring that we are living in an ideal time for “learning”.

The winemaker, the first of his guild in history to be included in the Forbes list of the 100 leading entrepreneurs in innovation, explains that in this atypical year he has learned great things, both professionally and professionally. For example, "that we are nothing and any manifestation of nature can teach us a lesson and make us disappear in a moment." The businessman once again emphasizes the importance of “living in the present and enjoying the moment”, a philosophy already exposed in his book If you know how to listen, wine speaks to you (Gestión 2000. Planeta), in which he tells the history of the wineries relatives since, more than a century ago, his grandfather, Emilio Moro, planted the first vineyard.

It was a year for learning and also for personal growth, according to José Moro, who ended 2020 with a new recognition for his international career: the award for "Executive of the year", awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Spain-United States and began 2021 with the distinction European Gold Medal for Merit at work (February 2021). The wineries he leads use high technology such as sensors, satellites and drones to obtain environmental factors in real time that allow them to better understand their lands and use that information to make better wines. For this reason, for him, "2020 has also taken care to remind us that any company must be prepared to innovate and to start digitization because we live in a very competitive world and we must always be prepared for any scenario", even before the most unexpected and unpredictable, as has been the case of the coronavirus pandemic, whose consequences, just a year ago, were not even imaginable by the vast majority of the population.

For the businessman, last year “has taught us the importance of always having our companies with guaranteed backing, well-healthy and with sufficient cash. We have learned that the more atomized our companies have, the better, because areas may arise that may be affected by any natural catastrophe and, in this way, with this approach, you will be able to see your business compensated with other areas that have not been " .

It does not seem that 2021 will experience an immediate recovery, given that the health crisis continues, but José Moro considers that the reading should be optimistic. "This learning started in 2020 has been very important and we must continue it this year and make the most of what has been learned", emphasizing their belief that it is better to live "detached" and renounce making plans "in the medium-long term". He recommends entrepreneurs to continually make strategic plans and make business decisions always hand in hand with the day-to-day world that surrounds us.

On the other hand, according to this businessman, solidarity should not stop. The Emilio Moro Foundation continues to support projects to bring water to countries that need it. "We will continue helping the Spanish economy and also participating in international social and solidarity projects," they explain from the Bodegas.

José Moro was born and raised in Pesquera de Duero (Valladolid), surrounded by good wine and family tradition in a childhood and youth that would mark his professional future. With effort, work and passion, he directs Bodegas Emilio Moro and Bodegas Cepa 21, two exciting projects that have become true benchmarks in Ribera del Duero and are internationally recognized. According to data prior to the pandemic, Spain ranks sixth as an importer by volume in the US wine market and, in terms of value, ranks fourth in imports behind Italy, France and New Zealand. And it is that, for José Moro, who proudly affirms that the wines from both wineries are already in more than 80 countries, “taking our land as a flag wherever we go and the quality of Spanish wine is essential to make known the wonders of our country outside our borders and position ourselves in the international market”.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021 - 10:13