Dachser ASL.

The project logistics department of Dachser Air & Sea Logistics arranged the shipping of a steel boom, to replace that of a damaged crane, from Düsseldorf to Jakarta. At 23 meters long and 3.6 meters wide, the journey lasted 55 days.

Transporting a large piece of steel to Jakarta, Indonesia, meant first finding a suitable ship. DACHSER selected a boat that supports rolling load (RoRo) and can accommodate extra long items on a MAFI trailer, specifically designed for heavy loads. The crane arm began its journey in Düsseldorf, Germany, transported with its own platform for heavy cargo for 200 kilometers to the port of Antwerp. Once on the ship, the next stop was Singapore where the steel structure was transferred to a feeder vessel that would take it to Jakarta, where Dachser Indonesia waited to organize unloading and trucking to the final destination.

“The biggest challenge in this process was that as soon as we were granted the transport permit, a massive construction site emerged that nearly prevented us from leaving the plant in Düsseldorf,” says Hans-Ulrich Brüggemann, Project Manager at DACHSER Air & Sea. Logistics in Cologne, who carried out the transport organization. "Thanks to the collaboration of all those involved, we found a solution and managed to send the crane arm to its destination."

Project logistics professionals around the world

When it comes to bulky, heavy or particularly complex transports, Dachser Air & Sea Logistics project logistics teams are in their element. They advise clients on aspects such as routes and carriers and handle door-to-door processing.

No matter if it is luxury cars, factory components or entire manufacturing plants, Dacsher Air & Sea Logistics handles all the necessary logistics as part of your special projects business. “When planning special transport, many factors have to be taken into account,” says Brüggemann. "We organize the most efficient route - everything from precise route planning, which may involve road closures, to customs clearance." To deliver on an international scale, Dachser has teams around the world working hand in hand. It was precisely this close collaboration between the German and Indonesian teams that ensured that this crane arm could travel half the world to its final destination.

Monday, February 15, 2021 - 10:53