Cesta gourmet de Navidad de Nacho Sandoval.

In the online store, there are proposals for Christmas baskets with a combination of products to give as gifts.

The entrepreneur and gastronomic communicator Nacho Sandoval launched his online store https://nachosandovalgourmet.com/ during the confinement, in which he offers a selection of gourmet products, carefully selected by himself. Nacho Sandoval is known for organizing haute cuisine events and participating as a jury in various competitions. The products range from calves of unknown origin, such as that of Aliste (Zamora), to roasts and signature cod, without forgetting the pairing that accompanies them, wines from the Pagos del Rey winery. The store makes shipments throughout the peninsula through Seur Frio guaranteeing the cold chain and also in Madrid, there is a collection point. Shipping costs are always detailed and charged when ordering.

This month, we highlight their gourmet baskets, which are a perfect option to give these holidays with a price very adjusted to the quality of the products. Nacho Sandoval's online store comes at the perfect moment in which many people give even more value to what it means to take care of themselves and to be able to receive at their homes this range of Premium products with which to delight or entertain their lunches / dinners and evenings.

To the family of initial products, such as the steaks or entrecots of Veal de Aliste IGP (Zamora), the roasts (suckling pig and suckling lamb), easy to prepare that only need the last touch at home to consume, or Author's Cod, El barquero's gourmet selection, new gourmet products have been incorporated with their own brand, Nacho Sandoval Gourmet, such as the creamy sheep cheese cake, 250g. Jar of cured sheep cheese, hand-split, with slices of Piedmont truffle, 100g. Jar cured sheep cheese, hand-split with saffron threads DO La Mancha, 100g. Two octopus legs, cooked in its juice, 300g-400g. One leg of octopus, cooked in its juice, 300g-400g. Another newcomer to his online store are the Rialto Muscovites, fine marcona almond pastes and milk chocolate coating. They are elaborated, one by one, in a completely artisan way following the original recipe of the old Rialto confectioners.

The selection of wines has also grown, such as the new Condado de Oriza Oak, DO. Ribera del Duero, La Camioneta moscato or Verdejo DO. Rueda, Southern Ocean came from New Zealand, a country that produces wines referred to as "new world wines." World-renowned wines that reflect the pure air and the sun. made with grapes that have grown in its valleys. Marlborough's maritime climate gives the Sauvignon Blanc grape a freshness and nuances very different from those of the Old World.

Monday, December 14, 2020 - 13:59