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The best barbecue in Spain will be prepared at the Brasas del Narcea Festival

  • Two large chops cooking on the grill.

The Asturian municipality of Cangas del Narcea, with the largest number of livestock farms registered in the Asturian Veal PGI, launches this contest to make known the best meat in Europe.

The Asturian municipality of Cangas del Narcea will host, on June 8, the contest The Best Barbecue in Spain with Asturian Veal, which will be held within the framework of the I Brasas del Narcea Festival. The popular Prao del Molín, in the historic centre of the town, will be the scene of the barbecue throughout the morning.

Twelve finalists will compete in the Prao del Molín, who will have their kitchen boxes available for the preparation of their proposal. They will have to make four grills with Asturian beef as the main ingredient: one of them will be used for exhibition and the other three will be the subject of tasting by the Jury, to whom they will explain the concept of their creation. They will have an execution time of 30 minutes.

The Best Barbecue in Spain with Asturian Beef will be decided by a technical jury and a tasting jury. To issue their final opinion, they will take into account both the technical realization, its presentation (plating), the handling of the embers, the carving, the flavor, the quality, the cooking point, the internal temperature of the product and the accompaniments, among other parameters.

The technical direction of the event will be in charge of the Chef and director of Gastronome 360, Juan Pozuelo. Prestigious chefs and food critics will be part of the jury that will taste the barbecues. They will be Iñigo Urrechu, Sergio Fernández, Pepe Ron, Sergio Rama, Pepe Chuletón, Eufrasio Sánchez, Juan José Suarez and Rubén Díaz.

Both the contest and the festival aim to spread the culture of meat by highlighting the value of barbecues, through the participation and collaboration of restaurants, companies and institutions, and to position Cangas del Narcea as a regional and national gastronomic tourism destination. 

"We are aware of the enormous livestock potential of the municipality and, of course, of the quality of the meat produced there. We want to share this unique product with the world and for those who visit us to know that each gastronomic proposal with Asturian Beef includes a unique way of life," said the mayor, José Luis Fontaniella.

Cangas del Narcea has 750 livestock farms that raise around 25,000 cattle of a breed that produces the highest quality meat in Europe, standing out for its tenderness, juiciness and high nutritional value. 

"There is no other corner of the country more suitable for the celebration of this contest. Cangas del Narcea is the Asturian council with the largest number of farms registered in Ternera Asturiana", argued the president of the PGI Ternera Asturiana, Isabel de la Busta. 

"For the first time, the main restaurants of grilled cuisine will come together with their best proposals prepared on the grill, on the coals, with fire... In addition, attendees will have at their fingertips different types and cuts of meat, presentations and showcooking, which will be another attraction," said Nacho Sandoval, director of Nacho Sandoval Strategies and Marketing.

On June 8, in addition to the proposals that will be prepared by the chefs participating in the contest, the grills that will be prepared to be tasted at the festival will be added. 

"The Brasas del Narcea Festival will be lived in the street with a popular barbecue that will be complemented by a program of recreational activities that will focus on the economic potential of the southwest of Asturias," said the mayor of Celebrations, Alba García, after pointing out that they will sit at the table, arranged throughout the town, More than half a thousand diners. In addition, the Brasas del Narcea Festival will feature the participation of PDO wines. Cangas, IGP. Chosco de Tineo and Miel de Asturias, as collaborators. 

"The gastronomy of southwestern Asturias can boast of high-quality products that allow restaurants in the area to present unique proposals that speak of the identity of this land," said the president of the Local Hospitality Board, José Manuel García. 

The Brasas del Narcea Festival and the Best Barbecue in Spain contest are an initiative of the City Council of Cangas del Narcea, in collaboration with the Local Hospitality Board of Cangas del Narcea and Nacho Sandoval Estrategias and Marketing, with the sponsorship of IGP Ternera Asturiana.